Thursday, November 13, 2008

Give It A Rest.

And I thought that the campaign was over with. Then why am I being asked to donate money to Barack's cause? This came for me in my email, along with everyone else on Barack's mailing list:

Our friends at the Democratic National Committee laid it all on the line to bring change this year.

We've been reviewing the books, and the DNC went into considerable debt to secure victory for Barack and Joe. It took unprecedented resources to staff up all 50 states, train field organizers, and build the technology to reach as many swing voters as possible.

It worked.

But it also left the DNC in debt. So before we do anything else, we need to help pay for this winning strategy.

Make a donation of $30 or more now and you'll get a limited edition 2008 Victory T-shirt.

Help the DNC and get a 2008 Victory T-shirt

The DNC's 50-state field strategy was crucial to our campaign's success, as well as victories for Democrats up and down the ballot. Their organizing infrastructure allowed us to compete -- and win -- in states that seemed insurmountable just four years ago.

They took out substantial loans to make it happen. The DNC didn't hold back, and now, neither can we.

Barack has raised over 600 Million Dollars. He can't lift a finger to help out his party to pay of the debt of 15 Million? Change you can believe in.

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