Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just a thought

Here's something scary when you think about it. Too many people view Obama as a modern day Messiah. It's a little unnerving. This is just a link to Youtube of "Obama music" and a lot of stuff comes up. Videos that take a great deal of effort. It's something akin to worship.

These people are so full of adulation for Obama, they're completely undignified. A little stupid, I might add. I'm mean, I know.

Update by Dave. 11/20/08

It's not just the mainstream hip hop artists in their adulation of Barack Obama. This choir of little kids has been making the rounds on the internet for some time now. Not to mention this video of the Obama Cadence . It's good to have role models and to have someone to look up to. To a point.
At the risk of violating Godwin's Law, one hopes this cult of personality worship doesn't boil over to this.

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