Saturday, November 15, 2008

Palin the Fiscal Conservative.

A nice write up about Sarah Palin and why she had a 70 % approval rating. The narrative of the media has hyped her up as a member of the 'religious right' and completely ignored her other accomplishments as Governor of Alaska.


I've been a little annoyed at the recent media characterization of Sarah Palin as a purely "Social Conservative" or "Traditionalist" pitted against the "Reform" or "Fiscal Conservative" wing of the GOP.

It's not that Palin isn't a social conservative (she is), but as governor, her social positions did not define her. It is very obvious that the media has sought to define her as a social conservative, in an effort to pigeon-hole her -- and to diminish her reputation. What is more, aside from all-but calling her a religious fanatic, the media has sought to portray her as a Mike Huckabee-esqu populist.


  1. I don't make this charge often and I hate it when other people do but I feel that some of these elite GOP "thinkers" and the people calling Palin an idiot don't like her because she is a woman

  2. I think there is something to that..

    as well as her accent/dialect.

    as if dialect=intelligence.