Thursday, January 22, 2009

Geithner's very own top ten list.

The tax evasion is there too. It was nice to see a decent list of the cons for the guy. It sure beats what many of the Republicans in the Senate and their fatalistic attitude regarding Geithner as the 'only man for the job' are doing.
10. His performance in his previous job

But in the same that describes him as “a 47-year-old wonder boy,” reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin quotes several anonymous Wall Street CEOs who “question whether he’s up to the challenge.” His roles in managing the unravelings at Bear Stearns, AIG, and Merrill Lynch, the bankruptcy at Lehman, and the ongoing implosion at Citigroup deserve scrutiny. They appear to be getting none.

. . .

2. Disparate treatment of previously pulled nominees

Zoe Baird (Clinton, 1993), Kimba Wood (Clinton, 1993), and Linda Chavez (Bush, 2001) all had relatively minor or potential issues with self-employment taxes on household help. Geithner’s unpaid amounts were exponentially larger. Is there a whiff of male chauvinism in the air?

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