Monday, January 19, 2009


For the first time in my life, I am proud to be a Cardinals fan.


  1. Congratulations. For me it's boiled down to Red State vs. Blue State. AZ is a Red State and I want their citizens to be happy at the expense of PA, which is a Blue State. Well, every Arizonan except John McCain, who can kiss my ass.

    Pretty sad, I guess.

  2. I thought of you on Sunday. The first Super Bowl in their history. An impressive win over a capable foe. Warner made great decision all day, and Larry Fitzgerald can play a little football. ;) I'd be happy to see them defeat the Steelers, but consider it improbable. It will be a thriller if they do.

    I just wonder if you couldn't have been proud at least one point in the past. Are you the fair weather fan or one of those "fans" with a paper sack on his head?

    The saddest part now is to watch the Lions determined goal-oriented death march to exceed the Cardinals drought record. If I'm counting correctly, only 9 more years to go.