Monday, February 2, 2009

A Charlie Brown Football Moment

Updated at the end of the post.

Makes one wonder how the Republicans earned the reputation of 'The Party of Stupid'.

Sen. Judd Gregg will be nominated as the new Commerce secretary Tuesday morning, giving President Obama a fresh independent voice in his Cabinet but at a huge cost to Republicans and the larger Senate.

Not to worry, the Governor of New Hampshire, John Lynch (D) has the power to appoint Gregg's replacement. One less Republican in the Senate to possibly help filibuster, giving democrats sixty seats over the republican. If he so chooses, Barack, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi can pass whatever they want and the Republicans will be powerless to do anything about it.

Not to worry. Lynch gave Gregg a Pinky Promise that a republican will take the seat.

"If President Obama does nominate Senator Gregg to serve as Commerce Secretary, I will name a replacement who will put the people of New Hampshire first and represent New Hampshire effectively in the U.S. Senate."

Nothing to worry about here.

Update, via Ace.

Bonnie Newman.

She was chief of staff to Gregg when he was a congressman in the 1980s, and she was one of the first Republicans to publicly endorse Lynch in his 2004 challenge of then-Republican Governor Craig Benson, and co-chaired Republicans for Lynch.

About as much as I know about her.

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