Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Nationwide Tea Party is this Friday.

If anyone is able to attend any of the meetings, please email me at dcore42-at-gmail-dot-com. Please let me know the location where the picture was taken. Thank you.

Who Are You?

We’re a coalition of citizens and organizations concerned about the recent trend of fiscal recklessness in government. This website is specifically dedicated to the Washington, D.C. effort specifically sponsored by the American Spectator, the Heartland Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, the National Taxpayers Union, Americans for Prosperity, FreedomWorks, the Institute for Liberty, the Coalition for a Conservative Majority and the Young Conservatives Coalition.

What Are You Doing?

On February 27th, getting a group of activists from around the country to participate in a big event, that, while we have to skimp on the details for now, will resemble the classic tax revolt that jumpstarted the American revolution. We’ll be holding it near the Washington Monument. More details will follow.

This isn’t a conservative or liberal thing.

This is about government forking over billions of dollars, OUR MONEY, to businesses that should have failed. This is about taking money from responsible people and handing it over to CEOs who squandered their own.

We are not opposing any specific legislation or politician. We are instead addressing the broader philosophical implications of a government that has grown too large and too distant from the very citizens it taxes. This is scary stuff.

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