Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So Much for Governing From the Middle.

Never mind what Obama says, it's who he appoints will reflect his real views on how he wants to move this nation backwards. His Drug Czar pick, for example.

Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske has accepted a job in the Obama administration, most likely overseeing the nation's drug policies, according to sources familiar with the chief's plans.
. . .
He has been an advocate of gun control and fought to pass the assault-weapons ban and has championed closing the background-check loophole at gun shows.

Some of you may be wondering then:

So what does his anti-gun stance have to do with being the new Drug Czar? Because his input into dealing with drug gangs will certainly include suggesting to Obama the need for more national gun control to help eliminate those gangs. And, between him and Holder, that’s a powerful lobby with access to the Oval Office.

Obama might claim to “respect” the Second Amendment but he’s filling his cabinet with people who don’t.

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