Sunday, February 1, 2009


I haven't read the book yet but hearing about it on Thursday has put it on my must-read list.

I came in and figured, "Hey, everybody is going to be the same. We're all going to do great," and he was saying, "No. Greatness doesn't come. It doesn't just happen."

So that's stuck with I think all 35 of those freshmen. It made me think. He also expanded on it. He said, "How can you be uncommon? That's what I'm looking for." He said, "Number one, you can have a talent that sets you apart. You can be faster, bigger, stronger, throw farther but that's only going to be 1% of the world. Most people have to be uncommon by having the desire to do things that everyone else could, but doesn't." That part stuck with me. Then four years later I go to the NFL and Coach Noll, my coach for the Steelers in his first meeting said, "This is a great game. I want you to enjoy it, but it's not life, and it's not your life's work. You have to have some passion outside of football where you're going to devote your life to, to make things better, to make your community better." So that was kind of the basis for this book, taking those two thoughts: What can you do to set yourself apart, to not just flow with the crowd; and what is your life's work going to be, what do you really want to do to make the world better?

Worth reading the rest of the interview.

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