Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And They Claim To Be Pro Growth

Funny how the three democrats running to be Governor of Virginia all claim to be for job growth. But when an actual chance for them to prove how pro-job they can be, they balk.

we must focus more on bi-partisanship and less on ideology," he said. Natural gas exploration is fine, but oil should be off limits in Virginia waters -- a position already backed the General Assembly, [Terry McAuliffe] he said.
. . .
Another Democratic candidate, former Del. Brian Moran of Alexandria, also took the green route, but wants no drilling offshore.
. . .
"That's why Creigh [Deeds] is fighting right now in Richmond to create jobs in alternative and renewable energy, which will put Virginia on the cutting-edge of job creation," she said.

Drilling for oil will help provide jobs immediately. Short and long term jobs will be filled for Virginia. When the entire infrastructure is based on burning fossil fuels, turning away from that is like steering a luxury yacht with a paddle.

To put energy in it's simplistic form, it's what can you burn for the longest and the hottest. Right now, like in the past, that is fossil fuels. Wind stops blowing for the wind turbine and corn is harvested only once a year inducing natural shortages with bio-fuel. Drill, baby, drill.

With Cuba drilling off the coast of Florida, why not Virginia? I would put up the safety and environmental record of any US company to those of the Cuban Roughnecks.

With the market falling every time Obama speaks, it's time to strengthen the dollar by creating much needed jobs in Virginia's private sector.

Thanks to Bloggers for Bob McDonnell

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