Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Frankness of Fisking

After reading Frank Schaffer for a while, you will learn several things. One is that his son is currently a Marine. Second is that he left the Religious Right back in the 1980's. Third, he has written a book called Crazy For God, which is the closest thing Frank has ever done to call out the old man, if only from beyond the grave. Last, he has a predilection for writing open letters to people. It's almost as if the Huffinton Post has a blog spot open for the Unibomber.

Mr. Schaeffer.

First off, I do not want Barack Obama to come to any harm when I say I want him to fail. For starters, the line of succession will fall to a lying moron, then to a NAMBLA supporter, a Klansman, then finally to someone who is the most qualified of the bunch, Hillary Clinton. She recently gave a button to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that she thought said 'Reset'. It actually said 'Overcharge'. In trying to symbolically reset all of Pres. Bush's foreign policy with Russia, the symbolism of giving the Russians a big red button after spending the entire cold war trying to prevent them from pressing theirs was lost on her. Like I said, the most qualified of the bunch.

You sit in your chair and say with scorn that how DARE people want Obama to fail when you piss yourself in excitement now that Bush is out of office. You had no issues with wanting him or John McCain to fail. If McCain won, you would still be calling him a Neo-Con, praying that congress will oppose, oppose, and oppose all and any of his policies that the Republican-Light would want passed. Only after reminding everyone that your son is a Marine serving under McCain. Then cuss out anyone who openly supports McCain as uneducated rubes from the south.

The opposing party is doing it's job. To oppose. They are also in a position of not being able to stop anything through Congress because of their super minority status (Regarding the Senate, with Specter, Snow, and Collins, filibustering is out of the question). There is nothing in it for the Republican Party to go along with the so-called unifier, Barack Obama. Their only hope is to communicate as to why they oppose, oppose, oppose in the hopes that Obama will stumble out of the gate (he's already admitted to being 'Overwhelmed', it is his first job with actual responsibilities, after all.) For the main fact is that Obama is mandated a very radical agenda with the Freedom of Choice Act, Cap and Trade, National Health Care, and Centralizing the banking system. These will all be forced upon and paid for by Americans at the point of a gun. Almost along the lines of having to pay for your dinner on a date then being raped later on.

The Republicans are lost in a wilderness, as it's been bantered about along all of the talking heads. Rush Limbaugh may as well be the leader of the party. And for all his faults, I will take him as leader of the party over you. He at least was able to face his problems and take steps to deal with addiction.

The fact that Rush or anyone else who wants Obama to fail is that if the man succeeds, his policies will succeed. But not to worry, it won't work. The new prosperity that you creamed your jeans over will never work. For the simple reason is that you can't take a dollar out of your right pocket and put it in you left and expect to get rich.

Besides, the stimulus package is a democratic power grab, regardless of the cost. It is a scorched earth policy but no one has ever accused a democrat politician of looking to the long term survival of our country either.

You cry of illegal and unjust wars. Forgetting that the leaders in Congress were privy to everything Bush knew and approved his actions, including waterboarding. If Bush is ever tried for war crimes, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should rightfully be shoulder to shoulder with him.

You wail of a ruined economy and for two of the last four years, it was democrats lead by Barack Obama leading the charge. Within the first month of his administration, Obama has spend more than the previous 8 years of Pres. Bush. The top fifteen percent who will be getting hosed by taxes won't take that for long. Do you understand where the term 'Going Galt' came from? They won't sit there and provide for everyone else for long.

Dissent was patriotic for the last 6 years. Nothing has changed that, even if you remind everyone that you left the Religious Right and that your son is a Marine.

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