Friday, March 27, 2009

Involuntary Servitude?

File this under 'Every Acronym Needs To Spell A Name'.

It also shows what a dog and pony show Congress is. Follow along as Congress gives the appearance of propriety with tax dollars on the front end and then strip out any protective measures on the back end in conference.

The bill is called GIVE – standing for “Generations Invigorating Volunteers and Education Act”. It’s the kind of obviously contrived moniker most grown adults would be too embarrassed even to admit having remotely considered. But, not the Criminal Class. In their rarified world of sheer self-indulgence, it’s well-nigh considered a stroke of genius. Almost Shakespearean. And one can’t help but wish they just would have settled for “Gee I’m Vacuous and Empty-headed.”

Yet, as bad as the title is, the content is even worse. For, at a time when most Americans are doing all in their power to tighten their belts and survive the government-induced Depression, the members of the Criminal Class have allotted at least $5 billion to increase taxpayer hand outs to ACORN, PUSH – and a plethora of other decidedly leftwing flimflam groups – to spend in perverting the electoral system.


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