Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Night Serial

This was and still is one of the best anime around. And one of my guilty pleasures.

With talks about a live action version of it being filmed. Cowboy Beebop is about a hodgepodge crew of bounty hunters chasing bad guys through out the solar system. The other thing that struck me is the soundtrack rocks. A very eclectic mix from episode to episode.

Part I of the first session.

Parts II and III below the fold.

And a quick link for the obligatory rule 5.


  1. I love Cowboy Beebop. I think it has a few similarities with "Firefly" ...

  2. my biggest complaint about it was that it needed more episodes.

    26 sessions wasn't near long enough..

  3. That's the biggest "firefly" similarity.

    Both cancelled too soon....

  4. Vicious was pretty badass. He died like a punk, but he's still a badass.

    Giving the gun back wasn't your best move, eh?