Sunday, April 12, 2009

The AP Lies about the number of uninsured - what a shock.

I am among the first to tell you that there is a health care problem in America but... For years I have stood in awe at the press and elected officials blatantly lie about the number of uninsured AMERICANS there are. Commonly they report that there are between 46 and 50 million uninsured Americans. That is a bold faced lie. Just today, the AP has yet again repeated the lie.

In reality the numbers commonly touted include about 10 million illegal immigrants and 3 million children that would be covered if only their irresponsible parents would file the proper paperwork. Another large chunk are young people who openly admit that they opt out of paying for health care plans.

Chart from the AP article today:

"Graphic shows number of uninsured Americans and periods of recession"

Notice the lie? Kind of hard to miss with my emphasis. I am all for fixing the problem but we can't even begin the process of fixing health care based upon a lie. The true problem is affordability and those that truly are with out coverage and can not afford it. If we as a nation can begin an honest discussion on the topic maybe, just maybe we can find a solution.

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