Friday, April 3, 2009

Jon Stewart Is A Moron

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Let me get this straight.

Rush Limbaugh is leaving NYC. Selling his condo, leaving his studio and relocating somewhere else. In the mean time, the people he employed at his condo, his studio and elsewhere are out of a job. Restaurants, and anyone else who depended on Rush as a customer are out that much money due to his lack of patronage. The multimillionaire is leaving town and taking his spending money with him.

And Jon Steward says “Finally”?

What a moron.

Video clip from Hot Air because I don't watch The Daily Show.

1 comment:

  1. He's busy doing his little riff and saying "finally!" while the zombies laugh.

    Meanwhile, his accountant is scrambling to figure out a way to hide *his* money so that Stewart won't have to pay the crippling taxes he seems so fond of expecting *others* to pay.

    Damn. Looks like I gave him too much credit in my post last week.