Wednesday, April 29, 2009

'Scare' Force One. Updated

The White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explains the misunderstanding why Air Force One* buzzed the city of New York in a clear and concise manner.

Meanwhile, countless of New Yorkers learn what the fabled 'Brown Noise' sounded like.

Imagine what could have been avoided if the administration decided to use Photoshop instead.

*The official report said it wasn't the real Air Force One but a different plane in the presidential fleet. I have my doubts about the story and I'm not the only one.

: An inadvertent slip-up? The plane isn't designated Air Force One unless the President is on board.

Thanks to Mr. Simon and Miss Attila.

1 comment:

  1. "You might be surprised to find out I don't know..."

    Oh, Gibbsy... the list of things you don't know goes on for miles...

    Has he ever, EVER actually answered a question during one of these briefings? If so, I haven't heard it.

    But, even with that said, I hope Obama never fires him. He's the hilarious gift that just keeps on giving.