Monday, April 13, 2009

What Are They Critical Of? Not Enough Spending?

The people who are opposed to the Tea Parties -- it's amazing that some people want out of control government spending -- are doing their best to slam the grassroots movement. Instead of putting forward an actual, you know, argument as to why their idea is better.

If this was a Fox News funded event, I want a new laptop computer so I can blog from the road. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, did you get my expense report?

What part of bipartisan do Oliver Willis and Jane Hamsher not understand?

Fox News is covering it because they deem it a newsworthy event. And seeing how Fox News is usually first in news rankings, it's safe to say they know how to do their job.

By trying to marginalize the movement, out of touch bloggers like Willis and Hamish hope to discredit Tea Parties without any discussion as to why is should be discredited. They have made up their mind about it -- out of control spending, yes we can -- and want to do the thinking for everyone else in their very own echo chamber.

Anyone else who thinks for themselves should go and listen then decide if twelve trillion ($12,000,000,000,000) in debt is okay to burden the future generations of America with.

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