Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wrap Up

Updated and bumped: It's official
Not official yet. But it is sounding like Cuccinelli and Bolling are in.

Nothing about the Party Chair yet. Must still be close.

I have to say that the location from Bloggers Row was excellent. If this was a Miley Cyres concert, I would have to have been a relative of either Billy Ray or Michael Eisner. The old media was near the back. Heh.

UPDATE: Having to leave a bit early for personal reasons. Something about wanting a check deposited and about not wanting the lights shut off. Thanks to the guys at Bering Drift, they have the final result.

Patrick Muldoon, John Brownlee, and Dave Foster move to elect Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli by acclimation as the Republican nominees for LG and AG respectively.

Place goes nuts!

“I will endorse [Sen. Ken Cuccinelli], support him, do everything I can to ensure he is the next attorney general of the Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Brownlee.

Cuccinelli thanked Brownlee and Foster for running a hard and fair campaign.

Bill Stanley also moved that Pat Mullins be elected as chairman by acclimation


  1. It's McDonnell, Bolling and Cucinelli! Cucc' scored something like 125 to 34 in Hanover. I don't know the overall vote count.

    The absolute best speech of the day came from a Kuwatii kid from Virginia Tech Corps Cadets, who just became a citizen two months ago and understands and appreciates the American system better than most of our home grown citizens. He was awe inspiring and brought more than one tear to my eye, although I did my best to hide it. Once the video of this hits You Tube it will go viral. I don't even know his name, but I am going to find out.

    One quote that stands out is that he isn't an Arab-American, nor a Middle Eastern-American, because when the whole man becomes an American the hyphen drops of its own weight.

  2. Adnan Barqawi

    Remember that name.