Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quote For The Week

Of course, [David] Frum is angry that I have questioned his conservative bona fides, primarily because his solutions to the problems conservatives face always seem to involve conservatives becoming more liberal. Plus, I find it insultingly ironic that a neocon Bush speechwriter would be giving conservatives advice on how to be popular.

To be sure, Mr. Frum is a very tough customer, so long as there is nobody present to challenge him. He's much less intimidating when faced with a formidable opponent. In fact, listening to a recent interview between Frum and radio host Mark Levin clearly demonstrates the kind of pusillanimous pundit he is. During the interview, Levin warns Frum: "People may disagree with you, but you don't make it an obsession ... or a habit ... to keep attacking them personally."

Clearly, Frum has not taken the advice.

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