Monday, June 1, 2009

Playboy Magazine Hates Women. Yeah, So What Else Is New?

Screenshots available at Red State.

[Saved screen shots are here, if you want to see how bad it was][And that link is gone now too. Damn, down the memory hole.] Ed Driscoll has a step by step account of it all here. I think this will still be around for a while.

What would you expect from a magazine who's chief claim to fame is taking girls who have father issues and stripping them naked? To stand up for women who's opinions differ from theirs? Or try to silence them the only way they know how? By humiliation and submission.

Playboy has compiled a top ten list of conservative women they would want to 'Hate F***'(Linked directly to the site. No nudity but still NSFW). Way to empower women. Posting pulled (I removed the link too). I wonder why?

Mary Katharine Ham, Amanda Carpenter, Megyn Kelly and, of course, Michelle Malkin are all on the list.

Ed at Hot Air has more about hate.

Let’s be clear about terms here. A “hate f**k” sounds like something perhaps just short of rape, but degrading enough to entertain the perverted twerps at Playboy. The fact that the magazine published this piece of effluvium should be enough to show that everyone in the editorial process, from the writer to Hef himself, don’t want women empowered. They want silent sex objects, and when confronted with women whose opinions differ from theirs, want them humiliated.

Well said.

UPDATED: It's not left vs. right either. [Found the new link]

Now, I'm no prude. Far from it. I know what they're going for here. We've all experienced the phenomenon of having a strong attraction for someone whom we should want nothing to do with. The sexual chemistry of opposites transcends politics, and a certain level of aggression between consenting frenemies can be a powerful enhancement.

But I, in a million years, would never characterize the ignition of these sparks as a "hate f***." The Playboy piece goes on to give each of the women on the list a "Hate F*** Rating." Each entry has its own brand of offense, saying of Mary Katherine Ham "This Ham's not kosher," for example.

From Amanda's Twitter feed.

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