Sunday, January 24, 2010

Broken At Last

Susan B. Anthony. Jackie Robinson. Markus.

The 'Glass Ceiling' is in shards in Nevada. The way has been cleared for male gigolos everywhere.

The Shady Lady Ranch successfully won state and county approval to clear the way for the "prostidude," as Nevada's newest sex worker is already being called. After a slow first week on the job, his first appointments are scheduled for this weekend.

"Markus" has quickly become the center of attention in Nevada's brothel industry. He has been criticized by female counterparts for not being willing to have sex with men. And he created a dustup after telling Details Magazine that his pioneering role in the sex business was "just the same" as civil rights icon Rosa Parks refusing to move to the back of the bus.

Quite the niche market.

He'll be competing with other guys who will happily offer the same service for free. Thousands of guys offering their services for free. And won't be looking at the clock to see if the hour is up yet.

If the argument is that the woman isn't attractive enough for guys to offer her that service then she isn't looking. There will be a man out there who will be happy to.

Nice publicity for the brothel, however. Better invest in Viagra for Markus. Women can fake their performances better than men. And won't need the downtime either.

Thanks to Matt for the story.

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  1. Hey, when headline-crashing news happens, I'm your man. Your brother, really. Don't read into that.