Friday, January 8, 2010

Democrats Dropping Like Flies

Sen. Chris Dodd and Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter are quitting at the end of their terms. I missed it on here but Sen. Byron Dorgan, ND is quitting as well.

In Michigan, thanks to term limits, Jennifer Granholm can't run for re-election but usually the Lt. Governor usually ends up running for the top spot on the ticket. The current Lt. Gov.-- John Cherry-- is dropping out. Some of the speculation is that the current Mayor of Lansing will be stepping in.

Virg Bernero left (and I do mean left). John Cherry right (coincidence only).

For some reason, Cherry can't excite enough people to raise campaign funds.

And this in Baltimore. Mayor Sheila Dixon is stepping down immediately due to a bad case of indigestion and an embezzlement conviction. But mostly her embezzlement conviction. But you wouldn't know she's a democrat from reading the report.

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