Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gov. Bob McDonnell Will Respond To Barack Obama's State Of The Union Speech

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Not even a week into his new job and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell is about to be in the national spotlight. He'll be the Republican response to the State Of The Union speech. The style of the setting helped take away from any of the substance.

A word of advice to Gov. McDonnell:

Please give your response in front of a town hall type event. Consider Gov. Bobby Jindal's response from last year. After Obama's speech of cheers and applause, Jindal's response in an empty room seemed hallow and out of place.

It might be easier to give the speech without the interruptions of applause. But the perception on TV across the nation will be better received. The segue from Congress to a town hall filled with supporters won't be as abrupt and the energy in the room will be noticed on TV.

It's a sad fact but appearances matter. It's a campaign speech. No one is running but the values and ideals of the Republican party. The audience will help punctuate key issues in your speech. Lower taxes, yea! Smaller government, hooray! Letting people keep more of their own money to create jobs, *thunderous applause*. It will help devalue what the liberal pundit will say after the speech. When he comes on to tell the viewers what you really meant to say and proceed to get it all wrong because. . . Well, most pundits on the networks are liberals and get everything wrong to begin with. Your response will be no different.

Think of it as canned laughter for a sitcom. The jokes are there and most people get them. The prerecorded laughs help to highlight gags to someone who isn’t paying much attention.


  1. I loves me some Bobby Jindal... as a matter of fact, I have a little Bobby crush...

    Which makes that response last year so extra cringe-inducing. He is ordinarily so engaging and clever, it is hard to believe how poorly he delivered that address.

    I think you are absolutely right. A town hall setting would have made all the difference.

  2. I remember us talking about it this time last year too.

    Helped to prompt this posting.

    I've seen Jindal in other hostile interviews where he's in control of the questioning the entire time.

    It was a bad juxtaposition to go from Capitol Hill with Obama shaking hands with all his buddies to an empty building on a hill with Jindal all alone.

  3. I'd love to see Jindal and Obama in a debate. Bobby can rattle off facts and figures and all sorts of information right off the top of his head about any question that's asked of him.

    The brilliant, "thoughtful" Obama can't put two words together before he starts doing his "Uuuhhhh, ummmm, uh, uh, ummmmm" routine.

    Bobby would mop the floor with him.

  4. Great idea...from your lips to Michael Steele's ears.

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