Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's Worse Than A Game Of Three-Card Monte

Keeping up with the ins and outs of the Health Care Bill.

Tax on middle class health plans. Even though Obama lambasted John McCain during the campaign for doing just that.

Now Union health care plans will be exempt. For now.

And if Card Check-- employees losing the secret
ballot if they want to unionize-- goes through, that could wipe out that exemption in the future. Because government programs are notorious for growing beyond their original purpose, union workers will need to pay their fair share at that time. By that time, Card Check will be in place. Anyway, that's enough speculation on my part.

Who knows in the end. The bill being worked on is behind closed doors right now. The public might even have a chance to read it before Barack Obama signs it into law.

There is only one sure way to escape-- as much as one can-- ObamaCare. Be rich.

1 comment:

  1. Be rich? How do you propose to do that?

    If Barry finds out you have one nickel more than anyone else, it'll be taxed right out of your pocket.

    His plan isn't to spread the wealth. His plan is to *take* the wealth and spread the misery.