Saturday, January 23, 2010

The New Game Plan On Socialized Health Care

Don't think that because the Government Take Over Of Health Insurance is on the back burner for now doesn't mean it will stay there.

Glenn Beck used this analogy a couple of years ago when amnesty was being pushed through by Maverick and Teddy Kennedy. The initial bill was stopped, not enough critters in Congress wanted to vote for something as toxic as that. Instead of voting on one big bill, the plan was changed to vote through several little bills.

The analogy was that your doctor telling you to lay off the fast food value meals. Rather than going through the drive-through and getting the value meal, you went around three separate times to get a Coke, burger and fries instead. Even though you didn't get the 'Value Meal' you still ended up with all three items on the menu that you shouldn't be eating.

That is what will be coming next.


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