Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Overreact Much?

The Blogfather, Glenn Reynolds publishes a photo from the White House's own Flickr account and this pops up overnight.

The politics of the fanboy. The besteth, most awesometh President evah has his army of mindless zombies and useless idiots that pounce on anything that remotely criticizes President Toonces.

Via Little Miss Attila. If someone ever analyzed my body language the first on the list would be to 'Step Away From The Buffet Table'.

1 comment:

  1. That guy's post doesn't even make sense. His analogy is off... I doubt Reynolds was trying to *impress* anyone with his turkey picture.

    Obama's people (or Obama himself) allowed that photo to go up because they (he) thought he looked like James Bond or something.

    The shocker came when they found out that people not wearing their koolaid goggles thought it made him look like a condescending prick.

    Which, of course, he is.