Thursday, January 14, 2010

Reagan's Speech On Health Care, As A Reminder

The Great Communicator can explain better it than anyone else. Even without the Public Option, this Health Care bill is definitely a 'Foot In The Door'.

Social Security was never intended to be a primary income for retired senior citizens, only as a supplement. Now it's what many seniors depend on. I pointed out here just how many times that the Social Security Act is amended by Reid's version of the Health Care bill. As to how many times it was amended? Short answer is: I lost count when I tried. It was a drinking game, after all.

And seeing how Congress has a predilection for legislation that's 2000 pages and costs 800 billion dollars-- not to mention paperclip amendments that have nothing to do with the stated bill-- is it unreasonable to imagine that the Health Care bill will be expanded in the future to include a controlling Public Option?

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