Friday, January 29, 2010

Thought Police Operating In Oz?

UPDATE II: The story was only kinda sorta true. It was blown out of proportion, if you will. Thanks to Ace who fell for it too.

: Linked by The Daily Gator.

The Aussie government is there to help protect the children by banning porn actresses with A-Cups.

Just when you thought that extremist knee jerk fear based reactions to non existent threats were something only the Northern Hemisphere got into, Australia has banned adult material with small breasted women in it, fearing that filthy pedophiles will gain enjoyment from it.

So, if this makes sense to a government bureaucracy, why not turn your health care over to them as well?*

To Clarify: This is not a defense of pedophilia. Rather the round about thinking that lawmakers go through to help 'protect' the populace. The justification using 'For The Children' is trotted out for a case of getting a foothold in censorship.

*Granted, it's the Australian government but it's still a bureaucratic organization trying to control and regulate everything deemed 'bad'.

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