Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Today Show's Interview With Senator Scott Brown.

From his Office of Senator Elect.

Is it just me or do many of the questions are based on the pretext that Scott Brown is some kind of horrible monster and Meredith Vieira is doing what she can to expose him?

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MORE: What is the over/under on this guy trying to keep his promise of not voting anymore?

t's true that Dem's can not govern because they don't have the balls to go liberal and test the public. Therefore, we keep getting centrist ineffective bills that only piss liberals off. The center-right Dems like it, though. We can not govern and, therefore, should not hold our hope.
I will not vote for any of them because I will not vote, anymore. We lost and I no longer care what Americans get. They can live in squalor and slavery to corporations. Disappointing? Sure, but that's reality now.
Good work Mass and you, especially, Coke-head. Stupid bitch.

Via Eric at The Pool Bar.

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