Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whoa. It's The People's Seat, Not The Kennedy's

I can't believe I missed this:

Not only a shot against Martha Coakley-- hand picked by the Kennedy Family to run for the seat-- but also showing the subliminal bias in the media for the liberal mindset. In David Gergen's mind, the seat is bought and paid for by the Kennedy's for the lifetime of the country. There's only the formality of an election. Too bad the only person named 'Kennedy' has no relation to the family. That they know of.

I have to admit to feeling 'Skittelisious' about the potential for a Republican to win the Senate seat that was held by The Liberal Lion Of The Senate.

Thanks to Smitty.


From The Boston Herald no less:

Team Obama and the Washington elites see this Senate seat as theirs, not yours. They’re annoyed that the race is competitive. In fact, they’re annoyed that there has to be a race at all. They would have preferred Gov. Deval Patrick make a straight-up appointment of some loyal party hack, rather than have anyone face the voters.

But it was their own scheming and sense of entitlement that revoked the gubernatorial appointment process while Mitt Romney was in the Corner Office, and then forced them to push the post-mortem Kennedy seat law last year. And even that’s not enough. Interim appointee Paul Kirk is violating the explicit instructions of the Legislature and openly campaigning for Coakley.

When you vote for Scott Brown, you’ll be voting against every arrogant Beacon Hill pol who shameless changed the rules of this Massachusetts game.

And this Tweet from Jake Tapper:

Gibbs says "a lot at stake" w/Mass. Senate race but POTUS still has no plans to go. Hmmmm.

There is still fallout from where a member of Coakley's campaign shoved a reporter out of their way.

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