Monday, February 22, 2010

Frank Schaeffer Is Mad As Hell And He's Not Going To Take It Anymore!

Or as he calls it, 'Monday'. Long on rhetoric, short -- Oh, so painfully short -- on facts.

I've noticed that the meme of the week has been that the Republican's have been stonewalling Obama's policies. Frank Schaeffer -- noted Kool-Aid drinker -- it the latest to add his tome to the theme. Mostly by ignoring history and making it up as he goes. The short version is: Obama good, everyone else racist.

Okay, to start with, for the better part of the year, Republicans in Congress couldn't stonewall a cat in a cardboard box. Republicans were outnumbered by at least thirty seats in the House and barely held onto forty seats in the Senate. With the election of Scott Brown, the Republicans can now threaten to filibuster in the Senate. It's not much but it's something.

Obama has trouble leading the north and south poles in magnets together much less members of his own party. Again, the better part of the year and he wasn't able to get health care passed. And he had promised it by August of 2009. In a Congress dominated with his own political party.

Evangelicals ganging up on Obama has nothing to do with the energy drawn from the Obama/Hitler posters being circulated by the likes of people who also portray Obama with a bone in his nose! So when the evangelicals draw parallels to the Nazis that's just a coincidence too!
It's called reaping what was sown.

And the "fact" that Fox News calls Obama a Socialist, Racist and even a Communist, has nothing to do with race! It's perfectly normal for a news channel to work 24/7 to denigrate a president!
Again, reaping what was sown. Keith Oblermann having a non-stop parade of calling Bush a Fascist on his show was, what's the word, unprecedented.

I could stop there. But when Mike skewered 'The Phantom Menace' stop at one video? No, he went 70 minutes deconstructing the suckitude that George Lucas wrought upon a generation.

And the fact that the white former VP Dick Cheney -- for the first time in American history -- has as a former VP accused the head of state of not wanting to keep America safe is also of course, nothing to do with disrespect to a black man!
Wrong again. Al Gore made plenty of hay criticizing George Bush. "He lied to us; he preyed on our fears!" anyone?

Anyway, Frank get's to the heart of the problem. America, deep down, is still racist.

And the fact that much of the country is turning against the president -- and will thus stalemate the government and face potential ruin -- has nothing to do with the fact that in the hard cold light of day many white Americans -- no matter what they say -- just can't accept in their gut that they not only have a black man for president but that he's manifestly smarter, kinder and more patient than they are. [Bold mine]
[. . .]
Trouble is Obama's trying to lead anything but a good country. Too much of America is racist to the core.
Got that? America is a bunch of racist jerks who won't let the smart colored guy lead. And he drags in someone who is a private citizen to help cast blame on. Sarah Palin.

Nothing to do with the fact that Obama is a hard core ideologue hell bent on signing off on any socialistic legislation he can. Or that the fact that Obama is continuing down the same foreign policy path as George W. Bush. Or that he's bound and determined to pass government takeover of the health care system at any cost. Or that government spending under him would put the spending under George W. Bush to shame. Or even claiming that the Stimulus would stop unemployment from reaching 8% it's now in the double digits.

Can't be any of the man's policies that have failed throughout history. Of course it's race.

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  1. If you weren't racist before, reconsider. All I can say is, they have had a president now even if merely token, no more gimme's. The gig is up.