Friday, February 26, 2010

Full Metal Jacket Friday Round Of Questions

AKA: A long overdue round up. There will be a quiz on this but -- like government schools are fond of telling students -- there are no right and wrong answers.

A fellow Barbarian in Arms was interviewed by Team Sarah Radio. Now if you listen to about the ten minute mark, would it be fair to say that economics and energy are more tied together than most people think?

Did the Dallas Tea Party make their case for MSNBC being "The Whitest Network On TV"?

If Charlie Crist switches parties, will John McCain still campaign for him?

If ACORN is restructuring, would that mean that the employees that were fired due to the undercover stings will be rehired?

Was the vote for the 'Jobs Bill' (Stimulus Part II) by Sen. Scott Brown expected from him?

When this kind of Blog War breaks out, is there such a thing as a loser?

Seeing the abuse Joe Biden endures, should Sarah Palin write a note asking that people leave him alone?

Should I be helping Lance surge toward one million hits for his site when I'm not even close to a hundred thousand here?

Will Monique Stuart start blogging again?

Is Jana correct in saying that Curling is way more exciting than Ice Dancing? This was a trick question. Of course it is.

I can go back and forth with this all day long but is the absence of McDonald's on Cuba really a good or bad thing?

Beta Maletastic, yes, but is Hot Air also getting too 'Gay'?

Can you really beat this deal on subscribing to The American Spectator?

Is Valerie Jarrett a condescending bitch? Another trick question.

Will Batman be able to escape being dropped into a vat of acid? Find out next time I do a round up. Same Bat-Blog, Bat-Time is whenever I get around to it.

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