Saturday, March 20, 2010

Do They Not Screen The Names That Sign Up On Their Email List?

I signed up for the Health Care For America Now! (or 4 years later like the bill specifies but why quibble over details?) email blasts under the name 'Harry Nutsack'.

Today, I received this email:


The vote is tomorrow. Today is your last chance. It's time to pick up the phone on behalf of Regina Holliday.

Regina's husband was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer, but their insurance company forced them out of the hospital into hospice care after only four weeks of treatment

[Blah blah blah, anecdotal sob story, phone number to my Representative, more blah blah blah. . . ]

After 100 years of fighting, after more than a year of debate, the time has come. Let's win this thing!

To your health,

Jason Rosenbaum
Health Care for America Now

It's a numbers game. HCFAN can say they have X amount of people on their mailing lists. Which they can spin and say that the same amount of emails addresses support their cause.

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