Monday, March 29, 2010

For When The Narrative Trumps All

A couple of events happened this past week helps demonstrate how the Democrats in Congress react with life.

During the Code Red last week, a handful of members from the Congressional Black Caucus accused the protesters of calling them 'n#ggers'.

Picture of lying douche-bag thanks to Gateway Pundit.

It's highly doubtful that it happened seeing how Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. videotaped the entire ordeal. If the word was actually said, it would have been the lead story on every MSNBC and CNN news show for a week solid. So despite a plethora of video tape available to the contrary, the CBC threw the lie out there knowing the liberal press would lap it up. Nary a word has been said about the so called 'incident' since.

Even Andrew Breitbart put money on the fact that the word wasn't said. $100 large to be donated to United Negro Fund if someone could find proof. A very safe bet for Breitbart.

Cut to Friday. Several large companies announce that ObamaCare cost them in the long run. Caterpillar, Verizon and AT&T were among the few.

How do the Democrats in Congress respond? By sending threatening letters to the CEO's of said companies for not going along with the CBO's make believe numbers. Henry Waxman is opening up Congressional Hearings on the matter.

Power Line
has a copy of one of the letters.

All for their ideology and to protect the narrative. One case they ignored the mountain of evidence against what they say happened and the other they will the force of Congress to beat down dissenting voices. But yet, I'm considered an extremist if I called their behavior fascist.

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