Saturday, March 20, 2010

If I Had To Use A Movie As An Analogy For ObamaCare

There was a movie a while back with Kelsey Grammer called Down Periscope. It wasn’t that great of a movie, rather average actually. It couldn’t decide if the movie wanted to be slapstick or more of a realistic military comedy.

The basic plot was about Grammer’s character, Tom Dodge, had one last chance to prove himself capable for a command of a ship. He is given command of an old diesel submarine for a War Game scenario and all he needed to do is avoid detection. The officer in charge of the War Games gave him a live torpedo and told him that there was a mock up ship in the harbor and if he torpedoed it, he will be considered for promotion for a ship.

I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away by telling the ending. On his final approach trying to sneak into Norfolk Harbor, he finalizes a firing solution onto the ship ready to be scuttled and let’s loose his torpedoes. Soon after, he is detected and ‘Killed in Action’. Exercise over, he lost except for the fact that he was able to blow up the ship he was aiming for. He completed his mission, thereby earning his chance at a command.

This is Barack’s plan with the Government Takeover of the Health Insurance System. It won’t matter if he’s not elected to a second term or if the entire House and 1/3 of the Senate is voted out. The bill will be passed and have a slim to none chance of it being repealed. 1/6th of the economy will be under the control of the Federal Government.

Sounds rather. . . Fascist doesn’t it?

Economic freedom is individual freedom. The more money people have, more choices are available for them. Instead using food stamps to buy Pop Tarts for dinner, they can go out to Outback, McDonalds or the local BBQ shack with the stack of hickory wood on the back deck. It affords people more choice in life.

When the individual is burdened by mandated costs of living imposed by the government – be it federal, state or local – they have less and less say in where their money goes. That means less economic freedom to do, as Dave Ramsey likes to say, ‘Stuff’.

There is the qualified plan that the public will be forced to buy if the takeover of health insurance happens. For a government program that will only go up in costs. Like every other government entitlement; the cost to run the program will rise. More and more people will enroll needing more and more administrative staff. Corruption will happen and the call for more levels of bureaucrat oversight will go out.

Then the higher energy costs that will happen if Cap and Trade passes the Senate. Cap and Trade will only affect someone if they drive a car, buy something that was delivered on a truck or have anything plugged into a wall outlet. Even homeless people will suffer from it. Bottles of Maddog 20/20 do not appear on the liquor store shelves by magic.

That’s not counting the towering costs of the yearly budget, the cost of the stimulus, Social Security handing out IOUs and the Bail Outs.

Someone will need to pay for all of this. And it will fall onto the middle class. After all, the need of the masses will outweigh the needs of the individual.  To put such an economic burden on the rather independent middle class, they’ll eventually turn into wards of the Federal Government.

The focus should be the torpedo on the economy that’s about to be launched right now. The ship needs to stay afloat if there is any hope for an independent middle class and a functioning economy.

Worry about who fired the torpedo after it’s been destroyed.

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