Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Myth Of Choice And Health Care

There’s been some talk about what types of choices you might have with Obama Care. Not much unless you want to give up the any independence you have and become a serf of the government.

Some arguments have gone out about people having to buy electricity and phone service is mandatory as the justification for mandating health care coverage.

That’s simply not true.

Homes everywhere are set up with solar panels and other sorts of devices to help generate electricity. Many of them generate enough that the meter will run backwards, in effect selling electricity back to the utility company. At most they are billed a couple of dollars a month.

Many people don’t use natural gas to heat their homes. Some use wood stoves for warmth. It’s a bit labor intensive and involves a bit more planning with buying and cutting firewood from downed trees but it a very viable option.

Depending on where some people live, they have their own well so they won’t be dependent on city water. There are townships right outside of Lansing Michigan where the many homeowners choose to be on well water. Septic as well so they can be free of the municipality plan. They might have to move away from a more urbanized area to a rural house in order to do so but it is their choice to do so.

Phones are fairly optional in today’s world. Going strictly wireless is always an option if they want to be someone who can always be reached. Or piggyback a line off of their internet service using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Provider). It’s rare but some people can get by without a phone. Even some go so far to use a company provided cell phone as their main line if their job allows for that.

With this Government Takeover of the Health Care System, you will be mandated to buy coverage for you and yours unless you give up any independence you would like to have and be a ward of the State.

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