Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Update Regarding Moron Felix Ortiz

New York Assemblyman, Felix Ortiz, introduced a bill banning salt in all restaurant food preparation about a week ago.

Fortunately, someone must have educated him on how real life works.

Assemblymember Felix Ortiz backed off his controversial anti-salt stance to a more moderate anti-shaker, pro-recipe position, according to a recent press release put out by his office.
[. . .]
Even Mayor Michael Bloomberg came out against the rogue assemblyman, calling the bill impractical on John Gambling’s WOR radio show, even though the bill follows Hizzoner’s own proposal to reduce restaurant’s salt content by a quarter by 2014.

Ortiz defended his anti-salt offensive, saying that the removal of salt will reduce health care expenditures by $32 billion. The bill doesn’t make allotments for pre-sodiumized ingredients and dishes.

His sudden change of heart is obvious — the dogged assemblyman hopes that softening his bill will convince voters he is, well, worth his salt.

Maybe he can try to outlaw death next. As Henry Gibson explains, death affects us all even more than salt.

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