Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Charles Johnson Of Little Green Footballs: His Hypocrisy Boggles The Mind

Via Robert Stacy.

Dr. Lizard King: Or how he stopped worrying and learned to love Barack Obama.

Keep this in mind whenever he accuses someone of his second favorite charge of being a hypocrite. His first favorite charge is accusing people of being a racist. And he has a habit of charging at windmills.

• “Will Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Edwards ever be confronted over their pandering to people who think like (Kos)?”

• “This may be the most cynical and hypocritical batch of Democrats that has ever run for President.”

• ”Obama talks tough on terror. Nation snickers.”

• ”Obama Not Ready for Prime Time.”

• ”Barack Obama tries to have it both ways, as usual.”

And there is much, much more.

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  1. What is it about apparently sane authors that are so infatuated with the likes of Andi Sullivan and Charly Johnson?

    Why do you drive away your customers by trying to drive traffic to those maggots?

    I( run through my "must read" list several times a day--if this item is still visible next pass, I won't know if it is still here on the third pass.

    Yes, free country and all that. And your blog and all of that.

    But I have rights too--and avoiding places that present offal to me unexpectedly is one of the.