Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Death Panels Defined. This Time By Peter Orszag

First it was Paul Krugman and now Peter Orszag is explaining how Death Panels will work.

Rationing care by denying people the services they need in order to save money. Or you can listen to Orszag explain it himself.

He's talking about the Independent Payment Advisory Board that ObamaCare established. That's the panel who will decide what is the criteria so the population can be accepted or denied treatments because of what they have and how old they are. AKA, 'Death Panels'.

And the "quality of care" (as Orszag describes it) will go up naturally because if someone doesn't receive treatment, it won't be logged in hospital records. People will die sooner rather than later. Ergo, a healthy population and ObamaCare is a success in Orszag's eyes.

For everyone else, not so much.

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