Sunday, April 4, 2010

He's Back With His Review

This time it's his take down of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.

He's actually doing a public service with these. Seriously.

The review of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is here.

The language at times gets a little rough but if you've spent any amount of time at the HQ then it wouldn't be anything you have encountered before.

Part II.
How the plot is told to the audience and not shown like good movies do.

Part III.
The city sequence and how assassins work. Or how this was the worst assassination attempt ever.

Part IV.
Plot holes so big a Rancor monster can walk through them. And Lucas needs to get out and date more.

Part V.
Seriously. George Lucas needed to take a created writing class at the local community college to write the romantic dialog. At least read a paperback romance novel or two.

Part VI.
Defines Mace Windu's role with the 'Urban Market'. Very urbane, in fact.

Part VII.
He deconstructs Yoda and the Light Sabers. And why the movie really wasn't made for kids. Despite the marketing.

Part VIII.
Lists many of the contradictions in the film. How the many layers upon layers tht the movie has takes away from what's happening and leads to a disconnect with the viewers. Plus the literal video game ending. The best Quote of the Review is in this clip: "I'm referencing the The Phantom Menace as a positive example?"

Part IX.
Lucas steals from Ridley Scott and someone else's Sci-Fi classic, The Empire Strikes Back.

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