Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Many Wives Of James Cameron

Avatar is released on DVD today. I could go on about the hypocrisy of James Cameron encouraging mass consumerism on a day set aside to pray to Gaia about how to reduce, reuse and recycle, if that's your thing. That's for other blogs to do.

This is more of a warning for his current wife, Suzy Amis. Well, not so much of a warning but notice of James' behavior and mode of operation. Cameron has been married 5 different times. Not quite up there in Larry King territory but more than Steven Spielberg. But there is a pattern here. A method from him jumping ship from the old to the new wife.

Cameron left his first wife, Sharon Williams, the same year that "The Terminator" was made. For the woman who helped to produce that movie.

Gail Anne Hurd. After four years of marriage, they split up too. It must have been somewhat amicalble because she still helped to produce many of his movies after the split. Or at least help insure him to keep working in order for her to receive her alimony payments. He was married to Gail up until he started working with a young, talented new director on who made such movies like "Point Break" and "Strange Days".

Katherine Biglow. If her name is familiar it's probably because she has been in the news lately. She directed "The Hurt Locker". The film that won best director and best picture this year at the Academy Awards. I have yet to see it yet but it sounds as if she has come a long way from "Point Break". Biglow and Cameron stayed together for a blissful two years until he made "Terminator II: Judgment Day" staring his next wife.

Linda Hamilton. The character of Sarah Connor was someone who saw the future and was preparing for it. Hamilton hit the gym in earnest to prepare for the role. Cameron noticed. The same year T2 hit the theaters, he left Biglow and started to date Hamilton. They finally tied the knot in 97 when "Titanic" was released and two years later, he left Hamilton for someone he directed in that movie.

Suzy Amis. His current wife. He's been with her for the longest out of all his marriages. Considering that that his second longest was about 6 years. That's quite a feat to get moss on a rock that liked to roll around. But there has also been a gap of major motion pictures he has directed since "Titanic".

There's been a few documentaries of the oceans where he was at the helm. But at the same time, most of that was milking the Titanic rage for all its worth.

Now that Cameron has made "Avatar", his wanderlust is going to kick in soon. And that can mean only one person who he has his eyes on.

Neytiri. Suzy Amis needs to start worrying when Cameron comes home with blue body paint on his collar.

To Cameron's credit, he does know how to recycle marriages.

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