Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Races To Watch And Special Elections

Both are special elections and are bellwethers of the political attitude in the country right now. We'll see how the canary in the coalmine will react soon enough.

First off, there is Tim Burns . Burns has been endorsed by Freedom Works and the House Conservative Fund. The special election for Burns is going to be this May 18th.

Burns is running for the decease John Murtha's seat (PA-12) and so far it looks like he might be able to pull a Scott Brown. As for the person running against Burns? I think it's safe to say that Mark Critz doesn't quite get Pennsylvania. If only Barack Obama can stop in to campaign for Critz that would clinch the deal for Burn's win.

The second race is Charles Djou of Hawaii. Djou's special election in Hawaii is on May 22 and has been endorsed by Tax Day Tea Party. What makes this race so interesting is that it's Barack Obama's old stomping grounds.

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