Friday, May 28, 2010

Did Obama Deliberately Mispronounce The Word 'Corps'?

When speaking from the teleprompter in the past, he said the word 'Corps' as in 'Corpse'.

And that wasn't the first time he's said it that way.

Yesterday, in the press conference about the Gulf oil spill -- and without the aid of a teleprompter -- he manages to pronounce it right in answering a question from Jake Tapper. At about the two minute mark, he started to speak about the Army Corps of Engineers (The video will start at that mark).

Did someone tell the worlds smartest president how it's pronounced one day? Or did he unthinkingly pronounce the words exactly how they are spelled off of the teleprompter?*

Or the worst case scenario is that he is trying to be coy and snub our troops in any way he can? It's not like he's had a history of insulting people in speeches before.  

It's something to keep an eye one to see how he'll address the military again. If he pronounces it correctly, someone gave him English lessons. If not, I'm inclined to believe he's trying to be coy and insult the military anyway he can.

*If this is the case, spell check the teleprompter's script before he has a Ron Burgundy moment. Even worse, Barack will head into Ernie Anastos territory.

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