Friday, May 14, 2010

A Divider, Not An Uniter

If I had to use one word to describe Barack Obama, it would be divisive. If it was three words 'bastard' and 'socialist' would be in there somewhere.

He can't make it a week without castigating someone. One of the latest examples is with the Gulf Oil spill and how his administration is going to deal with BP. By keeping their "boot on the throat of BP".

They aren't the only one either.
  • He's been speaking out against Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for some time.
  • The greed of big pharmacy and health insurance companies.
  • Calling the Tea Parties, 'Tea Baggers'.
  • The illegal immigration law in Arizona.
That's for starters. As a hard core ideologue, he can't unite.  His career to date, before becoming President, has been one that he could afford to be divisive. Community organizer, Illinois State Senator and US Senator. So that he's the chief executive of the country, he's doing what he's always done. Polarize people. Propping up Emmanuel Goldsteins in times of crisis so that he could push through his agenda that Congress wouldn't normally consider.

Barack Obama would have trouble trying to unite chocolate and peanut butter.

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