Friday, May 7, 2010

More About Those "Racist" Tea Parties

Via Jim Treacher.

Most of the people talking are from the pasty white lineup at MSNBC so take that with a grain of salt. Besides, this video from Reason will reach more people than the 30 or so people who regularly watch PMSNBC.*

The other person calling the Tea Partiers racists that wasn't receiving a check from GE was noted white person Janeane Garofalo. But if this is what her own dog thinks of her, why should her opinion count?

Somehow the dogs always seem to know.

*Regular viewers meaning everyone in MSNBC's line up and their parents and/or their significant other.

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  1. And what if they are? The opponents of what the tea baggers stand for certainly are racist. Those who fling the term around the most are the ones to watch like a hawk.

    As far as racism goes, find me someone who says they aren't, give me an objective panel and a five to ten minute window in which to field a number of questions. Let the panel decide whether I am right or whether the leftists are right. There is no such thing as someone who isn't racist, prejudiced, and bigoted. It is only a matter of who those things are directed at, and how they apply their hatred or disapproval. And, by the way, just because *you are atheist by no means exempts you from bigotry. *you, as in anyone

    Do most people even understand what racism, prejudice, or bigotry actually mean? I do, and really, I don't care. They are human conditions, not necessarily to be overcome. Dealing with those properly is another matter. That's my two cents worth.