Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Remember The Good Old Days When You Could Burn An Effigy of George W. Bush With Impunity?

Today, not so much.

A bar owner could be in serious trouble with the federal government. He was videotaped burning a statue of President Obama.

And the whole thing was video taped.
[. . .]
The President of Milwaukee's NAACP is outraged and worries it could be racially motivated. "Very offensive. And it sends a terrible message to other people," said Jerry Ann Hamilton.

Yester Years Pub and Grill is owned by Karen Schoenfeld. We wanted to ask her what the bartender meant with the fire. But a message left at the bar wasn't returned. And no one answered the door at her New Berlin home.

"I regret that it happened, that it happened in our state. I think that's the worst image that a person can send out," said Hamilton.

The radical left has cultivated and harvested this attitude of protests for the last eight years. Hell, they've refined it to a science. At the very least an art form in the way of movies. While many people from the right side of the aisle as well as those in the center (at least, those paying attention) stood by and watched in shock silence at what was going on.

The roots of this can be traced all the way back up to the leaders of the Democrat Party. They sat idly on their thumbs when their crazed supporters would call out for the death of George W. Bush. Marching in parades with a noose around the neck of a mock-up Bush doll. Attending protest rallies comparing Bush to Hitler. A very common practice. Even going so far as to have a giant inflatable made of his likeness so people can throw shoes and whatever else they want at him. And the liberal left likes to accuse conservatives of needing Obama to fuel their two minute hate. No real calls for civility went out but rather more encouragement by way of saying nothing to help increase the hate for George Bush.

So now someone responds in kind with burning an effigy of Barack Obama and the Secret Service are called in. Yes, they are just doing their job. No, I don't want Obama to be killed. Last thing this country needs is to make a saint or a martyr out of him. But did the Secret Service investigate everyone who held a sign that said, "I'm here to kill Bush (Shoot me)"?

I shudder to think about the amount of overtime accrued if the Secret Service did investigate everyone who said they wanted to 'Kill Bush'.

If what the bartender did was a crime then there should be a long list of people in front of him waiting to be brought up on the same charge. If not, then the charges should be dismissed because of a huge precedence of court cases brought in before hand.

It's not like they tied a noose around a life sized dummy of Barack Obama and hung it from their chimney. That happened to Sarah Palin.

Can't an effigy be burned in good fun anymore without someone making a federal case out of it? Not when you have a controlling man child in charge of the nation, you can't.

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