Saturday, May 22, 2010

So It Has Come To This: If This Doesn't Satisfy Lisa Graas's Question, I'm Not Sure What Will

Lisa Graas over at Genuine GOP Mom challenged me recently for evidence that Sarah Palin is really pro-life. Specifically, the plank in the GOP Platform what Graas linked to at the GOP election page for 08. You know, the one that Sarah Palin used when running on the GOP ticket as Vice President. 

Besides Palin’s actions—being louder than words—as a mom with a special needs child she sought to carry through the pregnancy. Instead of killing the unborn baby when he was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. And as horrid as these numbers are, aborting a special needs child is something that 9 out of 10 mothers have done. She was in the 10% who carried her son to term. 

But Palin’s actions weren’t good enough for Graas. Graas wanted the flowery words. Mind you, flowery words from a used car salesman were enough for me buy a crap car when I was younger. Once bitten, twice shy. I’ll take someone’s personal actions over their words any day of the week.  Graas wanted something after Palin endorsed Rand Paul for Senate

The use of the language "Platform" in a speech.

Granted, Palin is not the Chief Expectative of a State anymore but a mere private citizen. Not even actively seeking office but who has more political clout than Mitt Romney or Newt Gringrich.

I have this.  A show of  support for the 14th amendment, in fact the entire Constitution.  She didn’t succeed from the Union as governor of Alaska.

“Not good enough”, is what Graas will probably say. And where I’ll have to counter with this: I have looked but failed to find where Palin lists off the amendments, checking off the pros and cons of each. But there is ample evidence where she talks (not actions, remember, talks.) about supporting those who are Constitutionalists.

Now I would imagine that when Palin talks about the Constitution of these United States, she means the initial document as well as all 27 amendments to the Constitution. Seeing how they are in fact part of the Supreme law of the land. She’s never released a Facebook note with an asterisk behind it saying for example, “*Except for that pesky 20th Amendment.”

For context, I believe in the Bible being the Word of God. I don’t believe a book here and there and consider the rest irrelevant but all 66 books. It’s the same with the US Constitution. I’ll treat it as the Supreme law of the land and will do my best to adhere to its laws (except for when they contradict the Bible’s commandments but that is a theological argument for later). And that includes the Amendments.

The Bill of Rights, absolutely they were needed. The 13th, banning involuntary servitude? You betcha. The 19th, we can talk about but it is the law of the land (And I’ll freely blow the Wolf Whistle of Sexism on me for that one. I. E. it’s a joke.). The 21st, God forgive me but I do love a tasty and cold micro brewed beer from time to time. And that’s only picking a few Amendments out at random.

Specifics, Graas will ask for one more time.

Very well, in the year of our Lord, 2010, she gave a speech on Friday, May 14th to the Susan B. Anthony Organization. There was lots of talk about the Constitution throughout her speech and her support for it as well as endorse candidates who she’ll believe to support those same views. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it’s available online.

Or as Adrienne posted the key quote from Gov. Palin here:
It all comes down to life and how we're going to take a stand on protecting innocent life and deciding that nobody is beneath the protection of our laws.
Life, meaning all life, special needs and unborn and laws meaning all laws at the local, state and federal level, including the Supreme Law of the Land: The US Constitution.

I’m unclear of the exact hour and minute but I think that should satisfy Lisa Graas's query.

After listening to the speech, I don't believe that she actually said the word, 'Platform' but she did define what was covered under that particular plank.  Rather articulated her stance very well in fact.

If that doesn't quell her line of questioning, I'm not sure what will but I've said my piece about it.  Should it continue, it will be without me and I will wash my hands of this affair.


  1. Thanks for the response. I'll try to blog a reply today. Lot's going on here in Kentucky.....but I will reply.

  2. Okay, I'm watching the video now and am watching for **specific references on the law** which is what I've asked for. I also got my quote from Mike Janocik of Kentucky Right to Life, which I was also waiting for. If she makes a stand on the law, she'll get a big 'hats off' from me, but if it's warm fuzzies, no. Stay tuned.

  3. Here's my response. Thanks, David, for hearing me out.