Thursday, June 10, 2010

Government Motors Spent How Much On This?

To begin with, Chevy is synonymous with Chevrolet. The same way FexEx is the same as Federal Express and Coke is the same as Coco-Cola (Certain middle American countries not withstanding).

The problem isn't name recognition.

General Motors Corp. employees should no longer refer to Chevrolet automobiles as "Chevys," sales and marketing officials said in an internal memo.

Alan Batey, vice president for Chevrolet sales and service, and Jim Campbell, GM vice president for marketing, said in a memo issued Tuesday to employees at the corporation's Detroit headquarters "consistency" is important for the Chevrolet brand -- and it would be helpful in that regard to stop referring to Chevrolets
at Chevys, The New York Times reported.

The management at GM needs to look at their contract with the UAW if they want to be realistic about getting competitive.

Besides, this song wouldn't be the same if I drove my Chevrolet to the bidet.

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