Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Helen Thomas Fired For Saying What Most Of The White House Press Corps Only Thinks

So long, Helen.

The White House Press Pool. Now with 25% less hate and 50% more sobriety.

This puts the her old employer in a bind. I'm guessing that they will say she's old and senile to circle the wagons around her. But if she's old and senile, what was she doing reporting from the White House? Isn't that rather irresponsible on their part not to remove her before now? And if she is so senile, then that should call into question her credibility of anything she's done these past few years.

My guess is that she had a moment of clarity and spoke her mind. And now she's finding out that there is consequences of free speech. I'm kind of glad that it did happen this way. Kicked to the curb and disgraced in public rather than some celebrated retirement party with pandering speeches by friends and colleagues.

It's about time for a fresh face and some new blood in her spot.

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