Saturday, July 10, 2010

Congratulations Goes Out To. . .

. . . Robert Stacy McCain, AKA The BlogFather, and his family. His oldest daughter was married yesterday.

Remember, he's not losing a daughter as much as he is gaining another mouth to feed during holidays, birthday parties, three day weekends, and most days ending in 'Y'.

If you aren't reading his blog, you should. One of the hardest working writers in the conservative blogosphere today. Also, one of the most generous bloggers too regarding links and advice. Starting out blogging and even to this day, if there was a blogging question about credit and acceptable use on items, he was there to lend advice to this newbie. Even in the rare case of "Don't touch this with a ten foot poll. And if you do, don't even think of linking it to me." Ample evidence of this exists from his Saturday and Sunday featured postings from his 5 Rules of Blogging.

This is a man who spend some time in the trenches of politics. It's worth the investment to hit his tip jar from time to time. Besides, weddings aren't cheap.

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